Fever Dreams and Heavenly Nightmares - the 
short films of CHEL WHITE

The films of Chel White explore dreams, memories, love, alienation, and obsession. White's narrative perspective is often that of the estranged individual; the outsider looking in. His films paint indelible pictures of the human experience. Described as both a black humorist and a cinematic poet, Chel White's work is intricate, sublime, and beautiful. He is the recent recipient of a Rockefeller Media Arts Fellowship. From Berlin to Hong Kong to Sundance, his films have been shown in film festivals all over the world and recognized with numerous awards.
"Chel White's short films are unpredictable journeys through obsession and allegory, where the individual is at the center of his insights."
-South Carolina Arts Commission

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Based on a one-hundred-year-old poem by Antonio Machado, WIND is an
 allegorical perspective on climate change. Narrated by Alec Baldwin. PRESS KIT
wind festivals



A stream-of-conscious look at the writing process, told with animated
 images straight from the subconscious... or somewhere. PRESS KIT
painful glimpse festivals



A first love is corrupted as a man recalls his affair with a beautiful circus
  contortionist in this stop-motion animation of wooden manikins. PRESS KIT
magda awards



An ecological parable of a man's strange obsession. Written/Narrated by Joe Frank.
  "A very original and inspired work. -Stockholm Int'l Film Festival. PRESS KIT
dirt awards

Humorous and sublime, the ultimate Xerox fetish film. "A rhythmic
  celebration of a photocopier's cinematic potential." Filmfest DC. PRESS KIT
chacha awards

A film poem exploring one aspect of grief when a life is eclipsed. PRESS KIT
eclipse screenings


"An eerily beautiful rumination on the passage between birth and death."
  -Bill Smith,  Willamette Week. PRESS KIT
passage awards



A complex study of alienation and sexual obsession.
"A bold and unsettling film." -Todd Haynes. PRESS KIT
soulmate awards soulmate trailer quicktime movie  1.6 MB
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